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Retail funds drive down admin fees: KPMG

Expensive retail superannuation funds have finally become competitive with industry funds after bringing down their administration fees, a new analysis by KPMG shows.

APRA hits Mercer with additional licence conditions

Mercer has responded to the regulator saying it is committed to taking action on the issues raised.

How super funds could better support members: Research

New research from TAL has identified several areas where super funds could better support members approaching retirement.

Equip Super awards custody mandate

Equip Super has selected a new custodian and back-office administrator to replace NAB Asset Servicing.

Latest White Papers

How a skills matrix can help transform board capability

AUSTRALIAN PRUDENTIAL REGULATION AUTHORITY   What is a strong skills matrix, why is it important, and how can it be used to enhance the capability of superannuation fund boards, as well as boards of other APRA-regulated entities?

Whistleblowing programs: ASIC's 'renewed focus'

ABIGAIL GILL, SARAH CLARKE, ANDREW LUMSDEN, MARISA ORR, CLARE MOULD   With ASIC set to intensify its regulatory focus on whistleblowing, now more than ever, it is crucial that organisations continue to undertake careful reviews of their whistleblower program to ensure they are compliant.

Blue bonds

MATT LAWTON, TONGAI KUNORUBWE   Issuance of sustainable debt has exploded over the past 10 years as investors seek investment returns by allocating capital toward sustainability efforts.

Private credit market update

PATRICK SUCHY, DAVE LOWERY   Private credit as an asset class is in demand from a range of investors. The asset class has become a direct substitute for traditional fixed income assets for many investors, who are continuing to increase allocations.

Insurance inside your SMSF

BRENT SATILL   With the superannuation sector and self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs) growing at a rapid rate, the need for public offer and industry superannuation funds to provide a compelling offer to members is more important than ever before.

ASIC report on life insurance in superannuation

SIMUN SOLJO, ALLY CROWTHER   This paper will highlight further action superannuation trustees should be taking as identified in REP 760 against the backdrop of their regulatory obligations.

Technology trends in the retirement market

DEVAN NAIDOO   The retirement landscape is undergoing a seismic shift. With changing demographics, longer life spans, and evolving economic trends, it has become imperative for the pension industry to move with the times.

AI implications across sectors and against ESG considerations

JESSICA CAIRNS   Alphinity partnered with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research organisation (CSIRO), Australia's premier national scientific research agency, to develop a Responsible AI (R-AI) framework for investors that will be published in a joint report later this year.

Retirement market review 2023

PLAN FOR LIFE   This whitepaper examines 57 RSE licensees' strategies representing over 100 superannuation funds, including virtually the entire Australian retirement market covered by the RIC.

Is superannuation safe from bankruptcy?

STUART SHEARY   A mounts in a superannuation fund are generally protected from being included in the estate of a bankrupt. However, the trustees of a bankrupt's estate can recover superannuation contributions made prior to bankruptcy if they have been made to defeat creditors.

Investing is about judgements, not knowledge

STEPHEN ARNOLD   There is a presumption in the investment community that greater information creates better investment outcomes. I have not seen any evidence that supports this.

Insights into superannuation fund mergers

ZEIN EL HASSAN   This paper explores the different legal structures available to superannuation fund trustees that enable potential merger partners to access the benefits of scale on the pathway to full integration via a successor fund transfer (SFT).

Keeping members informed about retirement options

ANTHONY ASHER   As part of a current UNSW project researching the obstacles to the introduction of lifetime income streams faced by superannuation trustees, some interviewees have raised the legal restrictions on communicating with members.

Four ways super funds can elevate member experience

BHARAT BATHI   Despite the long-standing history of private pension plans, superannuation was introduced to Australians 30 years ago to help them support their retirement in a financially viable way.

Employee or independent contractor?

MICHAEL CHAAYA, LINDA CHAN, KENDRA TURNER, EDWARD WIGGINS   This paper sets out a revised approach for business to consider when determining whether workers are employees or independent contractors for superannuation law purposes.

Demystifying AFCA

GAVIN STUART, EMMA BOYCE, JAMES DUFF   This paper examines the role of AFCA, the complaints process, and the powers and remedies available to AFCA with a focus on consumer complaints against lenders. In this piece, we provide an overview of AFCA generally as well as a detailed analysis of who can make a complaint and who a complaint can be made against.

Why high-income earners choose SMSFs

JUSTON JIRWANDER   This paper examines the strategic reasoning behind their inclination towards SMSFs, incorporating insights from the ATO guidelines and relevant financial literature.

Maximising PDCs: SMSFs and contribution reserving

STUART SHEARY   This paper outlines some of the essential aspects to help effectively navigate the process of making personal deductible contributions (PDCs) into superannuation funds.

Adult children as tax free dependants

MICHAEL HALLINAN   This paper considers whether an adult child can have an interdependency relationship with their parent. It is presumed that the adult child is legally and financially independent of the parent.

Foreign super transferred to an Australian superannuation fund

GABRIELA RUSU   AAT rules earnings as assessable income of the fund, not taxpayer.

Age of activism

JAMES FERNYHOUGH   UniSuper chief investment officer John Pearce talks to FS Super associate editor James Fernyhough about Westfield, company engagement, and the role of members in investment strategy.

A career in retrospect

JAMES FERNYHOUGH   In September, HESTA chief executive Anne-Marie Corboy announced that she would be standing down after 16 years at the helm of one of Australia's largest super funds. James Fernyhough caught up with her to hear her thoughts on HESTA's evolution, the purpose of superannuation, and why the media ...