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Qantas Super takes merger plans to new heights

Qantas Super recently provided an update as to its merger plans, including the appointment of a dedicated committee and an outline of the three key issues forcing its hand.

Payday super timing, deliberate: Chalmers

Treasurer Jim Chalmers has responded to criticism of the government's plans around the introduction of payday superannuation, saying holding off until 2026 is deliberate and will give employers plenty of time to get it right.

Superhero Super swallows Smartsave, overhauls offerings

Diversa Trustees sub-plans Smartsave and Superhero Super have merged as the latter announces significant changes to its fees, structure, and investment menu.

Retirement phase of superannuation consultation opens

Treasury is seeking feedback on how the inherently complex retirement phase of superannuation can be improved to match the success of the accumulation phase.

Latest White Papers

Whistleblowing programs: ASIC's 'renewed focus'

ABIGAIL GILL, SARAH CLARKE, ANDREW LUMSDEN, MARISA ORR, CLARE MOULD   With ASIC set to intensify its regulatory focus on whistleblowing, now more than ever, it is crucial that organisations continue to undertake careful reviews of their whistleblower program to ensure they are compliant.

ASIC urge superannuation trustees to review IDR process

PHIL TURNER   This paper provides an overview of ASIC's expectations and recommendations

Is the 'passive versus active' argument flawed

GRANT PEARSON   This article will critically assess the notion that passive investing is the undisputed champion and explore the flaws that often go unnoticed.

Is India the next China?

JAMES STEWART, LUKE SMITH   India's economy is expected to trace the growth shown by China, and this will manifest in infrastructure and building development and other expansion that is rich in commodity demand-and investment opportunities.

Insurance inside your SMSF

BRENT SATILL   With the superannuation sector and self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs) growing at a rapid rate, the need for public offer and industry superannuation funds to provide a compelling offer to members is more important than ever before.

ASIC report on life insurance in superannuation

SIMUN SOLJO, ALLY CROWTHER   This paper will highlight further action superannuation trustees should be taking as identified in REP 760 against the backdrop of their regulatory obligations.

AI implications across sectors and against ESG considerations

JESSICA CAIRNS   Alphinity partnered with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research organisation (CSIRO), Australia's premier national scientific research agency, to develop a Responsible AI (R-AI) framework for investors that will be published in a joint report later this year.

Superannuation funds to implement digital advice

RON MULLINS, JASON TONG, STEVE DAVISON   Superannuation funds have played a central role preparing Australians to fund their retirement lifestyle.

Regulators crack down on super fund retirement strategies

LUKE HOOPER, GEORGIA BRADLEY   In July this year, ASIC and APRA released a report reminding superannuation funds that the time is now to focus on retirement strategies and consider how to best assist retirees in accessing and using the benefits available to them to make the most out of their retirement. This article considers the regulators' findings and what it means for trustees.

Enhancing retirement savings

RUDY HADDAD   This paper identifies types of concessional contributions, outlines some of the associated tips and traps, explains how the carry-forward provisions work and combines these learnings into four case studies.

The evolution of superannuation operating models

CLAYTON ISSITT, PETER SHERRIFF   This paper reproduces a discussion lead by Frank Smietana with Peter Sherriff and Clayton Issitt about key operational areas impacting superannuation funds, the evolution of fund operating models and how investment and operations teams are addressing these challenges.

Making mergers work

NIKI SHORT, SCOTT CHARANEKA   Across the Australian superannuation industry, the widespread consolidation of smaller superannuation funds is expected. These mergers are unlike other run-of-the-mill mergers as they require specialised knowledge and experience.

Keeping members informed about retirement options

ANTHONY ASHER   As part of a current UNSW project researching the obstacles to the introduction of lifetime income streams faced by superannuation trustees, some interviewees have raised the legal restrictions on communicating with members.

Four ways super funds can elevate member experience

BHARAT BATHI   Despite the long-standing history of private pension plans, superannuation was introduced to Australians 30 years ago to help them support their retirement in a financially viable way.

Financial Accountability Regime: Key aspects for RSE licensees

PHIL TURNER, SILVANA WOOD, RICHARD HARRIS, TOM BRETT   This paper sets out the most interesting observations from an analysis of how the obligations under the FAR compare to existing obligations for RSE licensees.

The superannuation performance test 'two years on'

IAN NEWBERT   This annual test is intended to hold registrable superannuation entities (RSE licensees) to account for product underperformance through greater transparency measures and increased consequences.

The residency test

CATHERINE NUFER-BARR, REBECCA EDWARDS   In this paper the current requirements for the SMSF residency test will be explored.

Courts turn up the head on SMSF inheritance disputes

HAYLEY CONDON   Growing risks in trustee discretion and conflicts of interest are continuously seen for self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs) and estate dispute trends, with advisers needing to become increasingly wary of changing litigation risks to protect assets held in superannuation and estate planning generally.

Charitable superannuation bequests: Making giving easy

ANGELA JACKSON, EMILY MILLANE   This paper comprises excerpts from the same-titled report prepared by Impact Economics and Policy for Philanthropy Australia.

Tax concessional treatment of large superannuation balances

LETTY CHEN   On 28 February 2023, the federal government (government) announced that it would reduce the superannuation tax concessions available to individuals whose total superannuation balance (TSB) exceeds $3 million, from 1 July 2025.

Age of activism

JAMES FERNYHOUGH   UniSuper chief investment officer John Pearce talks to FS Super associate editor James Fernyhough about Westfield, company engagement, and the role of members in investment strategy.

A career in retrospect

JAMES FERNYHOUGH   In September, HESTA chief executive Anne-Marie Corboy announced that she would be standing down after 16 years at the helm of one of Australia's largest super funds. James Fernyhough caught up with her to hear her thoughts on HESTA's evolution, the purpose of superannuation, and why the media ...