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DrSusan Gosling
Head of Investments, MLC Investment Management (at time of writing)
Susan Gosling is Head of Capital Markets Research at MLC Investment Management. Since joining in October 2002 she has brought a strong background in all aspects of establishing and running a funds management business and has developed particular expertise in asset allocation, scenarios analysis, risk management, manager of manager strategies and the use of quantitative analysis. Susan has held a number of senior positions in the funds management industry including chief investment officer with both Advance Asset Management and United Funds Management, founder and director of United Funds Management, director of Wilson Asset Management Limited, and director of the Australian Investment Managers Association. She is also now a director of a boutique private equity fund. She commenced her career in London as an economist working initially with the Economist magazine's Intelligence Unit.
Articles Published
Imagine you are offered $5 million to play Russian roulette. If you put a revolver with a bullet in one of the six available chambers to your head, there are six possible outcomes - five of which are ... Imagine ...
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