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Don Hamson
Dr Don Hamson
Managing Director, Plato Investment Management Limited

Don Hamson is managing director of Plato Investment Management. He has 15 years investment management experience most recently as head of active equities Asia Pacific for State Street Global Advisors, where he was also a member of the global senior management group. While at State Street he lead a team of portfolio managers running long and long/short active and enhanced Australian equity portfolios and successfully launched their first 130/30 edge investing fund. Prior to that, as chief investment officer at Westpac Investment Management Dr Hamson was instrumentally involved in the mergers of BT and Rothschild with Westpac's financial services division to form the new BT Financial Group. Dr Hamson started his career with Arthur Andersen before becoming a lecturer in finance at University of Queensland, then a senior analyst and member of the investment committee at QIC.

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Don Hamson
"Firstly, this change only affects a very small number of shareholders who currently have no tax liability and use their imputation credits to receive a cash refund." Read more
Don Hamson
Most equities strategies do not take into account the fact that different investors are taxed differently. Plato managing director Don Hamson explains how a strategy can be tailored specifically for zero tax investors such as retirees. Read more