Craig Hurt
Designing retirement solutions that deliver income for life
Regulation in our market is changing the way that retirement income solutions are built. This paper, developed with the global experience of both AXA Life Invest and AXA Investment Managers, looks ... Read more

Theo Maas
Changing lanes
In this article Arnhem Investment Management partner Theo Maas looks at the drivers behind automotive industry investment. Maas believes that an acceleration of technological breakthroughs ... Read more

Alex Dunnin
Is there a war on young people?
  |  In Blogs
Musician and guitarist Paul Kantner from the iconic San Francisco rock band Jefferson Airplane once famously said "if you can remember anything about the sixties you weren't really ... Read more

FS Minute: Financial Services News Roundup - 22 July 2016
In FS Minute
Financial Standard editor Mark Smith presents a roundup of the week's biggest industry news and executive appointments. In this week's news: O'Dwyer says life insurance back on the agenda After ... Read more

Raewyn Williams
The new recruit to your alpha team
Tax as a source of investment alpha 'Alpha' as an investment concept is well understood. It is the difference between a portfolio's actual return and the return expected from the portfolio based on ... Read more

Alex Burke
The price of longevity
In 2012, the Actuaries Institute described Australia's looming retirement crisis as a "longevity tsunami". In a report, the institute noted that nearly 25% of Australia's population would be ... Read more

Alan McFarlane
Global dividends: weighed and found wanting
Investors at Belshazzar's Feast The biblical story of Belshazzar's Feast has given the English language two vivid phrases still used today. The best known, derived from the story without appearing ... Read more

Brian Parker
Economic edge
Albeit unfair, economists have a reputation for being as dull as all get out. Sunsuper chief economist Brian Parker believes this large generalisation is simply not true. An avid public speaker in ... Read more

Darren Snyder
When cybercrime siphons super
  |  In Blogs
As a participant in the daily media landscape I would be unsettled to find superannuation funds and wider industry bodies that are ill-prepared for crisis management. For an industry in which ... Read more

Jeff Rogers
Equity infrastructure valuations: leads, lags and controversies
Global institutional demand for infrastructure assets has risen substantially during recent years and with portfolio allocations to infrastructure expected to rise, global demand is likely to remain ... Read more

Daniel Butler
$1.6M balance cap: more tax on death benefits
The proposed $1.6 million superannuation balance cap will, if introduced, result in substantial changes from 1 July 2017 and is likely to generate significantly more tax on the payment of death ... Read more

Alex Dunnin
Australia needs you...if you're a taxpayer
  |  In Blogs
Duncan Storrar did Australia an almighty favour last month. He showed, in the media circus that erupted around him, how dysfunctional is Australia's tax system and how urgent it is we do something ... Read more
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CFM Alternative Beta
With higher fees, lower liquidity and ever-transforming risk profiles, traditional hedge fund strategies are attractive to only a handful of institutional investors. But with fixed income markets serving ... Watch video
CIO Roundtable - MAX 2015
We invite you to watch the CIO roundtable panel at the MAX 2015 forum chaired by John Parrish, with Sam Sicilia, David Hartley and Stephen Merlicek as pannelsts discussing current issues. Click here to ... Watch video
2015 Rainmaker SelectingSuper & National Achievement Awards
The Rainmaker SelectingSuper Awards were held on November 18 at the RACV Club In Melbourne. These Annual Awards recognise the best superannuation providers and industry leaders in Australia, in ... Watch video
Mercer LifetimePlus
One in four Australians will outlive their retirement savings by more than 10 years.  Longevity risk - the risk of outliving your savings - is one of the biggest economic and social issues facing ... Watch video
Retirement system needs work: Actuaries
28 July 2016, 12:53pm
Australia's retirement system is not sustainable for people living longer than the average life expectancy if drawdown trends continue, according to the Actuaries Institute. Read more
Super platform goes for gold
28 July 2016, 12:37pm
A new retail superannuation platform partnership will mean members no longer have to be in an SMSF should they wish to own and invest in physical gold. Read more
Aussie pension pros most confident about valuations
27 July 2016, 12:20pm
Only one fifth of global pension fund professionals are more than 90% confident their respective funds' asset and liability valuations are accurate, according to the latest research from State Street. Read more
Super gets reality check on engagement
22 July 2016, 9:44am
Choice chief executive Alan Kirkland told superannuation funds a few home truths this week, relaying several member perceptions about the industry ahead of research to be released by the consumer advocacy ... Read more
"We were wrong about super": FSC chair
21 July 2016, 12:49pm
The superannuation system was sold incorrectly to Australians, according to the Financial Services Council's new chair Geoff Lloyd. Read more
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