Everything you need to know about self-managed superannuation funds
By Jonathan Hoyle  |  In SMSF
SMSFs have a few distinguishing features that differentiate them from other superannuation funds in the market place. These features include: Membership - SMSFs are restricted to just four members. ... Read more

Problem of scale no longer sails
By Alex Dunnin  |  In Blogs
Virgin Money Super, Future Super, Cruelty Free Super, Good Super, Human Super and Spaceship. These products may collectively run between them less than $1 billion, but it would be a big mistake to ... Read more

Cash: An asset in adolescence
By Mark Austin  |  In Investment Strategy
If the investment industry has a rebellious teenager in the house today, that teenager would be cash: it costs you more, is more challenging and offers little in return. Since the 2008 global ... Read more

When 'independence' depends on one's political philosophy
By David Gallagher  |  In Blogs
I have been struck this past week by the politicisation of the term 'independence' when it is used in the context of superannuation fund governance.  Indeed, the political philosophy of both ... Read more

Why successor directors are better than alternate directors for SMSF succession planning
By Bryce Figot  |  In SMSF
This article will address the problems that can arise in using alternate directors in an SMSF succession planning context and suggest a possible solution. As with all succession planning ... Read more

Australia's new public enemy No 1
By Alex Dunnin  |  In Blogs
Australian consumers have a new enemy. While much is made about some financial advice and insurance scandals, excessive fees, poor disclosure and low accountability, at least these problems have ... Read more

Reality and perception of super returns
By Stephen Fay  |  In Blogs
What matters more, the investment return on your superannuation balance or the how you feel about your return? Which does a member greater good? Which serves the greater purpose for the fund? These ... Read more

Climate calling
By Alexis Cheang  |  In Cover Story
Mercer's Alexis Cheang hears plenty of verbal commitment from Australian superannuation funds about the development and implementation of sustainable investment strategies. The continued aspiration ... Read more

Owning and conducting a business as a fund investment
By Graeme Colley  |  In SMSF
Whether a fund is able to conduct business activity, comply with the superannuation rules and not fall foul of a range of other issues must be met with the universal technical answer, "it ... Read more

Employer default fund or member default fund?
By Stephen Fay  |  In Blogs
What does an employer default fund mean to the typical person starting at a new employer in today's environment? Does the term have any resonance? Insight from recent studies from both the employer ... Read more

The how and why of investing in agriculture
By David Bassanese  |  In Investment Strategy
Although Australia is a major agricultural exporter, the typical Australian investor's portfolio tends to have relatively low exposure to agriculture or "soft commodities". Read more

Tax considerations for owning TPD policies
By Rahul Singh  |  In Insurance
Prior to 1 July 2014, when considering total and permanent disablement (TPD) insurance, advisers typically considered the advantages and disadvantages of owning the cover inside or outside ... Read more
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'Retire ready' is more than a large super balance
23 March 2017, 12:52pm
Satisfaction in retirement is a function of more than financial security, with other factors equal or more powerful in driving overall satisfaction, according to presenters at this years' Conference of ... Read more
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