Climate calling
By Alexis Cheang  |  In Cover Story
Mercer's Alexis Cheang hears plenty of verbal commitment from Australian superannuation funds about the development and implementation of sustainable investment strategies. The continued aspiration ... Read more
Owning and conducting a business as a fund investment
By Graeme Colley  |  In SMSF
Whether a fund is able to conduct business activity, comply with the superannuation rules and not fall foul of a range of other issues must be met with the universal technical answer, "it ... Read more

Employer default fund or member default fund?
By Stephen Fay  |  In Blogs
What does an employer default fund mean to the typical person starting at a new employer in today's environment? Does the term have any resonance? Insight from recent studies from both the employer ... Read more

The how and why of investing in agriculture
By David Bassanese  |  In Investment Strategy
Although Australia is a major agricultural exporter, the typical Australian investor's portfolio tends to have relatively low exposure to agriculture or "soft commodities". Read more

Tax considerations for owning TPD policies
By Rahul Singh  |  In Insurance
Prior to 1 July 2014, when considering total and permanent disablement (TPD) insurance, advisers typically considered the advantages and disadvantages of owning the cover inside or outside ... Read more

Impact investing: From niche to mainstream
By Amanda Young  |  In Investment Strategy
Impact investing - once a niche corner of the market - has entered the mainstream. This has been driven by increasing awareness among investors of the important role they can play in order to help ... Read more

ESG risks and superannuation trustees: A legal perspective
By Jonathan Steffanoni  |  In Administration & Management
The responsibility of superannuation trustees is greater than that of typical businesses - holding an important economic and public policy role to Australian society to provide income in retirement. ... Read more

Determining risk appetite
By Andrew Tidmarsh  |  In Administration & Management
Risk Appetite can be defined as the level of risk the organisation is prepared to accept in the pursuit of its objectives. Some organisations use a risk appetite statement as the method to document ... Read more

Index funds: Leaving active in the shadows
By Darren Snyder  |  In Investment Strategy
Globally there are "I told you so" sentiments floating about the index investors in funds management. Those who have championed index investing for decades are using their aggregated clout to ... Read more

Forget Abenomics, worry about avocadonomics
By Alex Dunnin  |  In Blogs
Baby boomer parents must be so proud. Fearing their young people were refusing to learn from the wisdom of their elders it seems Australia's young millennials have been listening more intently than ... Read more

Taming the data sea
By Serge Boccassini  |  In Administration & Management
Feeling awash in a sea of data? You're not alone. Data has become ubiquitous. We collect it, store it, sort it and try to make use of it. Regulators demand it. Investors ask about it. Many ... Read more

The need for a richer suite of retirement products
By Jeff Rogers  |  In Retirement
Designing appropriate investment strategies for retirees is more challenging today than it has ever been. In the past, nominal and real interest rates were higher while average life expectancy was ... Read more
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Bob Baur
Bob is the managing director and chief global economist for Principal Global Investors, and is a vice president for the Principal Financial Group.  In these capacities, he establishes and directs ... Watch video
Super playing dangerous risk game: Milliman
23 January 2017, 12:47pm
The long-term investment horizon favoured by superannuation funds is putting Australia's ageing population at risk, according to a new Milliman paper. Read more
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