First class admin
By Suzanne Holden  |  In Administration & Management
A former manager in the aviation industry, Link Group's Suzanne Holden says there are more similarities in financial services than one might expect. She tells Darren Snyder how a past career ... Read more

Select emerging markets remain resilient and undervalued
By Michael Hasenstab  |  In Investment
Throughout much of 2016, bond markets held onto stretched valuations in US Treasuries, largely ignoring the undercurrents of rising inflation and resilient strength in the US labor market. During ... Read more

AI: The next big thing is here, and everywhere
By Kennard AllenPaul GreeneJosh SpencerHenry Ellenbogen  |  In Technology
Artificial intelligence (AI), long the staple of science fiction, is quickly moving into the mainstream of everyday life. It is already disrupting some industries and companies-and forcing investors ... Read more

Tails and transitions
By Mihir WorahGeraldine Sundstrom  |  In Investment
One can hardly imagine a better inflection point to revisit asset allocation frameworks than after the U.S. presidential election, especially given increasing skepticism of free trade and open ... Read more

Landscape changes with potential for super implosion
By Stephen Fay  |  In Blogs
Changes to default superannuation outlined by the recent Productivity Commission report have potential to fundamentally alter the landscape for current market stakeholders. So altered is the new ... Read more

The state of the industry
By Sally Loane  |  In Ethics and governance
The headwinds on the horizon are plain to see. Political uncertainty is the new normal. The benefits of free trade are being challenged by those with isolationist agendas. The year has started with ... Read more

Superannuation industry issues in 2017 and beyond
By Guy McKannaPaul O'Brien  |  In Administration & Management
There is a range of trends, themes and issues ahead that the industry believes it will need to address this year. Rising risk profiles Respondents are most concerned about volatile markets and ... Read more

Smarter MySuper defaults
By Douglas Bucknell  |  In Super & Retirement
Are Super Funds being hypocritical? Telling their members who have made an investment choice and are engaged (circa 20%), via their website information, calculators and advice models (Limited ... Read more

Will you be sacrificing benefits?
By Marc Gleeson  |  In Super & Retirement
The removal of the 10% test from 1 July 2017 for individuals to make personal deductible contributions requires that financial advisers reconsider conventional approaches to finncial planning. Read more

Everything you need to know about self-managed superannuation funds
By Jonathan Hoyle  |  In SMSF
SMSFs have a few distinguishing features that differentiate them from other superannuation funds in the market place. These features include: Membership - SMSFs are restricted to just four members. ... Read more

Problem of scale no longer sails
By Alex Dunnin  |  In Blogs
Virgin Money Super, Future Super, Cruelty Free Super, Good Super, Human Super and Spaceship. These products may collectively run between them less than $1 billion, but it would be a big mistake to ... Read more

Cash: An asset in adolescence
By Mark Austin  |  In Investment
If the investment industry has a rebellious teenager in the house today, that teenager would be cash: it costs you more, is more challenging and offers little in return. Since the 2008 global ... Read more
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The Rainmaker SelectingSuper Awards were held on 17 November 2016 at the RACV Club In Melbourne, with 200 attendees joining us to recognise the best superannuation providers and industry leaders ... Watch video
Super assets hit $2.3 trillion
25 May 2017, 12:57pm
Superannuation assets including MySuper reported double-digit growth in the 12 months to March, according to quarterly figures from APRA. Read more
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