Alex Burke
Searching for retirement income solutions
Greater scrutiny on retirement income was a cornerstone of the Financial System Inquiry, and the different theories about how to solve the issue have divided institutions, advisers and researchers. ... Read more

Alex Dunnin
Do funds need advisers to deliver advice?
  |  In Blogs
One of the most important yet difficult chal­lenges facing a post-modern superannua­tion fund is how to deliver more financial ad­vice to more people. The size of this challenge is ... Read more

Darren Snyder
Your election how-to-vote card
  |  In Blogs
About a fortnight ago the Australian Institute of Company Directors began its campaign calling for a 2017 referendum on four-year fixed terms of federal parliament. Understandably the AICD chief ... Read more

Roadmap for a new landscape: managing the transition of wealth across generations
Financial advisers today face what is perhaps their most significant challenge yet: helping clients to move from inertia to activity in planning for the transfer of their wealth - while ensuring ... Read more

Amanda Young
The rise of the millenials
The investment management and pension industries must adapt to capture this next generation of investors. This will include creating products that reflect the Millennials' attitudes and beliefs, as ... Read more

Stephen Fay
What does Goldilocks need for retirement?
  |  In Blogs
We were once told that superannuation members need $1 million in retirement. Then it was argued the number is a myth. Now it is clear more than $1.6 million in retirement is too much. So what, pray ... Read more

Wade Matterson
The cost of diversification
Typical Australian 60/40 balanced portfolios experienced losses of 20% or more at the nadir of the crisis, destroying retirement income expectations, especially for those who succumbed to poor ... Read more

Alex Dunnin
Budget 2016: the day superannuation changed forever
  |  In Blogs
By now it should be sinking in just how profoundly Treasurer Scott Morrison changed superannuation on budget night. And being criticised for it by the high end of the superannuation industry will ... Read more

Andrew Hagger
Australia today: Are we worried about the future?
MLC commissioned IPSOS to prepare a three-part whitepaper to explore the challenge of how to get more Australians to think about their retirement. More than 2000 Australians participated ... Read more

Alex Dunnin
Repeat after me: social licence still matters
  |  In Blogs
Thanks to the political brinkmanship being played over whether or not the government should call a Royal Commission into Australia's banks, we've had more financial services regulatory reform in the ... Read more

Kerrie Williams
Navigating the insourcing trend
Insourcing has the potential to reduce costs, increase control by the fund and, through this, seeks to provide a better overall outcome for fund members or beneficiaries. It sounds like the obvious ... Read more

Alex Dunnin
Terminator ASIC, I'll be back
  |  In Blogs
In one of the most spectacular recoveries ever witnessed in Australian financial services history, the regulator ASIC has in an instant transformed from a slow-to-react bureaucracy to one of the ... Read more
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Mercer LifetimePlus
One in four Australians will outlive their retirement savings by more than 10 years.  Longevity risk - the risk of outliving your savings - is one of the biggest economic and social issues facing ... Watch video
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Self-employed missing super savings
31 May 2016, 12:44pm
Self-employed Australians are among those most in need of financial advice with new research showing about one-quarter does not have superannuation. Read more
PROFILE: FSC chief executive Sally Loane
31 May 2016, 12:01pm
There are tough first days on the job, and then there are those where you show up to the office having been handed the most significant reform package for your industry in 20 years. Read more
Super needs to pick up its retirement game
30 May 2016, 12:16pm
Australia's superannuation industry has scope to become the world's best system once it tackles how to invest in retirement by avoiding sequencing risk. Read more
Foreign managers priced out of super
30 May 2016, 11:38am
Australia's "brutally competitive" superannuation system makes it a high-risk prospect for foreign investment managers, according to Cerulli Associates research. Read more
Super changes about sustainability: O'Dwyer
27 May 2016, 10:14am
The Turnbull government is committed to making the superannuation system more sustainable and flexible over the years ahead, and the superannuation changes will deliver this, says Assistant Treasurer Kelly ... Read more
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