The evolution to 5G
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Increasingly we are hearing about the revolutionary technologies that will fundamentally change the way we live our lives. This will be led by the internet of things, smart cities, artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, remote computing, virtual reality and many others.

However what is less often discussed, is that underpinning the development and application of these technologies is the Fifth Generation (5G) mobile communication network.

With data usage projected to increase over five-fold by 2025, communication equipment and infrastructure will require significant enhancement in order to facilitate these new technologies and the explosion in data across almost all aspects of our lives.

This paper focusses on the defining characteristics and technologies behind 5G and what makes the new generation of communications revolutionary in enabling the applications of the future.

We also look at the infrastructure requirements for 5G and the need for macro cell sites, small cells and fibre to work seamlessly in an integrated network in order to deliver the full benefits of 5G. Investment requirements will be significant across the whole value chain and we look at the key infrastructure players that are leveraged to this very attractive thematic.

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